First Year Booklist 2021-22


Hi all,

Please see the booklist for all incoming First Year students. All books should be ordered and downloaded onto your iPad by commencing in CCM.

If the Book company App is not on the iPad please contact Wriggle.

If the Book App is on the iPad but the book is not downloading please contact actual publisher eg Edco, Folens etc...

Subject Name of the Text Book Publisher
Irish Mol an óige 1 & Mol an Óige 1 Workbook Gill
English Be Inspired Edco
Maths Text & Tests 1 (New Edition) CJ Fallon
Science Exploring Science (2nd Edition) Edco
Religion Beliefs in our world & Beliefs in our World - Skills Book Gill
Material Technology Metal Junior Cycle Engineering
Wood Technology Wood Technology & Wood Technology Student Activity Book Edco
Business Studies Time for Business (2nd edition) text & activity book Edco
Graphics Graphic Solution DCG Solutions
Geography Cyclone: Complete Junior Cycle Geography and workbook Gill education
History Artefact Textbook and Sources & Skills Workbook
French Bienvenue en France 1 Folens
Spanish IAprendemos!Book1 Folens
German Ohrwurm Aural German for Junior Cycle CJ Fallon
German Alles Klar – JC German plus Portfolio
Home Economics @Home
Music Maestro Textbook and portfolio book,manuscript,copy
Art Art Odyssey & Art Odyssey workbook Gill
SPHE My Wellbeing Journey 1 2 3 Gill
CSPE A World of Wellbeing & Reflective Journal Edco
Physical Education Time to move Gill Education

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